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UWDMA Manifesto

uPVC Window and Door Manufacturers Association (UWDMA)

seeks to increase the relevance and scope of the uPVC industry in the world of fenestration.
Its key qualities are the honorable members & their governance and inclusiveness with respect to:

  • A variety of theoretical, technical and practical perspectives.
  • A range of activities and issues which fall within the broad domain of uPVC profiles, windows, doors.
  • All-encompassing issues in the realm of government policies, workshops and testing facilities which benefit the industry.

The association’s activities will centre on the development, promotion and diffusion of all that favors the manufacturers and end users, whilst creating a platform for growth based on research knowledge and expert guidance. To achieve these aims, the association constitutes itself as a new form of organization with the following commitments:

  • Technical support
  • Testing facilities
  • Guidelines for CPWD
  • Collaboration with MSDE
  • Technology
  • Relevant Ethics
  • Participation in exhibitions

1. Technical Support

UWDMA assures technical support and advice to all patrons, the first step towards which is the publication of “uPVC Guideline for Fabrication of Windows & Doors”, available to all in print and on website. The association will encourage the exploration of these guidelines from any perspective that adds value to the business. To this end, it advocates referring to it as a handbook for all manufacturing solutions.
A detailed handbook on best practices for Installation of UPVC windows and doors will be released in 2017.

2. Testing Facilities

UWDMA believes in development of new ideas and creating higher standards as a benchmark for the industry to follow. So as to serve the Members, the Association strives to collaborate with the best testing facilities (like IFT) for the members to get their profiles tested at subsidized rates.
Window testing and Window Producer Certification program will also be introduced shortly

3. Guidelines to CPWD

The association will promote policies with the governing bodies so as to confront, explain, and make tractable results that benefit the industry at large. In this context, UWDMA endeavors to re-establish the DSR dimensions for windows manufacturers proposed by CPWD, to bring about a unanimous agreement.

4. Collaboration with MSDE

The association recognizes the valuable contributions to the uPVC that are made by training and learning by working alongside educational institutions and governing bodies. UWDMA joins hands with the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and Industrial Training institutes to provide employability by bridging the gap between demand and supply. UWDMA will encourage such collaborations and add value towards collective learning.

5. Technology

UWDMA intends to ensure that all its processes of publication, discussion, meeting and association are transparent and open to input from all its members. To this end, UWDMA will use digital technologies, including online conferencing and virtual publication.


UWDMA will establish a committee to draw up a code of ethics relevant to the industry to maintain strengthening of the standards.


UWDMA has been and will be participating in all major exhibitions, as an association that promotes the industry by connecting to fellow manufacturers and learning from one another.