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UWDMA Installation Workshops in Various Cities

14th June 2022 - 29th September 2022

Launch of UWDMA Installation Guidelines
Inauguration Chennai Centre

With the mission to promote “A uPVC window is  as good as its installation“, this year UWDMA focused on providing deep in sights about uPVC window installation by organizing ‘Live Window Installation Workshops’ at various cities like Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Gurugram.

During these workshops, live installation of a uPVC window 2 track sliding window on a wooden wall was shown, following step by step procedure, starting from correct measurement method to removal of protective film .

The most interesting part was the common problem that occurred in all the workshops, that was misalignment of the siding panels resulting in non locking of espagnolette cams  in the strikers . Therefore the attendees were able to learn through live problem solving through glass alignment  & frame re-alignment .

UWDMA thanks its patrons Klimas Fastener Technologies, Eva Software, Sudhakar Profiles, Insta Hardware & Kingston Sealants for  their support to  these workshops  .


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